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“May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?”

I’m pretty sure this is why Tumblr gave us photosets.

To this day, I still have absolutely no idea if he actually did the right thing by shooting little Tiffany. His story was very convincing…

I totally bought that he was right.

I always though this was about not demonizing people based on how they look, instead focussing on what they do.



And the Primarch of the twentieth Legion stood forth and said, “I am Alpharius.”

And a legionnaire stood forth and proclaimed, “No, I am Alpharius!”

And a rememberancer jumped from his seat, and called out, “No! I am Alpharius!”

And the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus banged one of his many arms on the conference table, and spake thusly, “The unit that calls itself Magos Derreom, serial number 500001123BW45846 is obliged to inform you that it is Alpharius.”

And Lorgar facepalmed.

And the cleaning lady looked up and whispered under her breath, where no one could hear. “I’m Alpharius.”

Epistle 3096112 of Lorgar (The Forbidden Works)

Final Fantasy XV Sidequest
Final Fantasy XV Sidequest
Girl walks by guy and he gets hard
Girl: Boys are so weak, just walking by gets your dicks hard
Guy: Bitch I was thinking about Metal Gear Solid V so unless you can provide me with Tactical Espionage Action in 1080p at 60fps get that bullshit away from me


Thank you, John Oliver, for taking down the “she’s someone’s daughter/sister/mother” thing at the root. I get the intention behind it is not bad, but seriously-my value as a human should not be defined by how my being hurt would affect my father, brother, or male partner. It should be defined by how it would affect ME. I am someone with worth and value independent of the men in my life, as are all women. We are not tangential sub-people who only exist as we are related to me, we are people. Full stop. 


Coming soon, to a theatre near you. [bitfiend]


Rest In fucking Pieces 


Rest In fucking Pieces 

Zero Preparation Ep. 1 - Cthulhu



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Huzzah! The audio show of tabletop improvisation continues!

On the second episode of Zero Preparation, Cthulhu fixes a boxing match between Mike Tyson and a group of beavers. 

See how I improvise my way through Eldritch abominations without losing my mind!